Water Washable Flexo Plates

Better Quality, Faster Process, Less Waste and Greener Operation


Faster processing times

Shorter drying periods

Better print quality

Pristine images


For repeated use

Ecological process

No solvents


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Large deformation in printing dot
Results in an unstable print quality


Minimal deformation in printing dot
Results in a stable print quality

Pristine print quality achieved with Flat Top Dot Technology in an ecological manner is the way forward today!

Discover the advantages by hovering over the images:

Better Quality

Minimal and highly contolled dot englargement through flat top dot technology

A Shorter Process

Less development time is needed without destructive solvents in the process

A Healthier Process

No harmful solvents are needed during the development process

Shorter Drying Period 

Plates are immediately ready for use when they are dry. There is no waiting time

Simply Do It Yourself

The shortest possible production times with no dependency on third parties

Evironmentally Friendly

Only tap water and soap are needed to wash the plates


Plates at a lower cost but exactly the same quality as those from the production plant

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your own

flexo press

We offer a set of plates free of charge if you would like to test them. The only thing you need to do is to mount the FleXolid plates in stead of your current make. You will be stunned!

What are the benefits of working with water washable flexo plates?
The printing process uses Flat Top Dot Technology. This means there is practically no dot gain during the printing process. The prints will become sharper. The printing quality will improve immediately without any further changes on the press.
I am printing with UV inks, can I use water washable plates?
Yes you can, the water washable process is a very good combination with the use of UV-inks. Especially when HD printing is requested, you can take advantage of the Flat Top Dot Technology, practically without dot gain
How long is the processing / drying time?
Compared to solvent washable plates, the processing time of water washable plates is shorter. The biggest advantage however is made during the drying time of the flexo plates before they can be used. Since there is no solvent vapour in the process, the water washable flexo plates can be used immediately after drying. The advice for solvent washable plates is to let them wait until the other day before using them.
What are the benefits of processing plates in house?
By developing your own flexo plates, you have very short lead times. If a mistake has been made, you can create new plates immediately. Your flexo plate supplies will be independent from third parties. By buying the raw plates directly, you will save money. Your local FleXolid partner will be able to provide you with dedicated quantities.
Are water washable plates more environmentally friendly?
Yes they are. During the proces of develompment, only water and dishwasher soap is used. There is no need to use solvents, including the unhealthy vapours and bad smell of it. A much shorter drying time means also less use of energy.
Why are our solvent washable plates curling?
Since solvents and solvent vapours are damaging the surface of the polymer flexo plate, they can cause effects of curling or deformation ot the printing plate. When used more often, the flexo plates will be more vulnerable to this effect and will have to be replaced more often.
I am almost convinced. Can I try beforeI buy?
We think that a test is the best way to see if all the advantages will count in your specific situation. You can order a set of plates free of charge through your local agent if you send us your printing files. They will contact you to exchange the necessary information.

Our Other Solutions

Flexo Plate Processors

More information soon!

Plate Mounting Tape

Mounting tape attaches the printing plate onto the sleeves or cylinders. It is highly resilient and it determines the quality of the print output depending on the chosen hardness in combination with the composition of the cylinder or sleeve.

Sleeves and Adapters

In order to be able to offer the possibilty of various printing lengths for a press, printing plate mounting sleeves with different diameters are used. They slide over the shafts and any adapters that are used in the machine. The flexo printing plates are then secured with mounting tape.

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